Former Ravalli Co. man pleads guilty to murder

SEATTLE - A man extradited from Montana last year to Seattle on charges he murdered a woman in 1996 has pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter in King County Superior Court last Friday.

60-year old Clifford Reed was originally charged with second-degree murder for killing 28-year-old Sandi Johnson.

Her remains were found in Pierce County, Washington in 2004, eight years after she disappeared.

Prosecutors claimed Reed was obsessed with Johnson when they worked together.

Court papers alleged Reed told people the two were in a relationship and would eventually marry.

"In reality, Sandi did not return his affections, denied any romantic relationship, and told friends Reed needed to leave her alone," an investigator wrote in the charging documents.

On the day she disappeared in April 1996, Johnson left her Kirkland home to run errands and meet a friend for lunch.

She had told friends she planned to work on her son's birthday party.

But she never made it to lunch

Reed was arrested at his Victor, Mont., home in 2012 and extradited to Washington last year.

News reports indicate a plea deal with Reed.

He plead guilty to manslaughter instead of murder because investigators reported the evidence in the case had degraded over time and the manner of Johnson's death was never established.

When sentenced, Reed faces  about 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 years in prison.

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