Former Griz player's grandfather upset over NCAA investigation


Former Griz player's grandfather upset over NCAA investigation 08-16-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - The grandfather of a former University of Montana Griz football player is speaking out against the recent findings from an NCAA investigation.

Much of the 25-page NCAA report centers on the arrests of then Grizzly football players Trumaine Johnson and Gerald Kemp.

Kemp's grandfather, George Kemp,a member of the Legal Shield that provides legal assistance through a network of attorneys. says the NCAA didn't get the full story.

Cell phone video taken by bystanders in the early morning hours October 23, 2011, shows an intense incident.

"I was trying to help my boy, man," said Trumaine Johnson.

"You don't help your boy when it's the police," responded an officer.

The video was originally turned over as evidence. NBC Montana recently obtained the footage from the city. Part of the video shows cops putting Johnson into the back of police car after he and teammate Gerald Kemp were tased and arrested when a post-game party got out of control.

Two months later the charges for obstructing a police officer, resisting arrest and assault were dropped. The men each paid a $100 fine for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

But the case didn't stop there. At the end of July the NCAA released the findings of a year and half long investigation into the Griz football program. In the report -- details from the October 2011 arrests.

The NCAA penalized the football program for multiple violations, including that Johnson and Kemp were bailed out of jail by a booster and then got free legal service from another booster.

But Kemp's grandfather wants to take full responsibility for getting his grandson out of the Missoula County Detention Center.

"I initiated it, I told the person to do it for me," said Kemp in a phone conversation Friday. "I couldn't do it. I was 5,000 (about 1300) miles away, so that person did it for me."

Kemp went on to say he reimbursed the person, who happened to be a booster. "My friend paid the bail for both Gerald and Trumaine at my request and all parties involved were reimbursed by me as originally agreed," said Kemp.

Kemp put together an affidavit that includes a timeline of phone conversations he had with his grandson and the person who initially bailed him out of jail that night. Kemp said he gave the document to Gerald to take to an interview with NCAA investigators to show he was the one who paid the bail.

"They didn't want to hear the truth," said Kemp. "They came down to investigate the truth but they didn't want to hear the truth."

Kemp said he's pursuing a lawsuit, but wouldn't release who the suit is against or provide any other details.

NBC Montana will continue to track this story and keep you updated.

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