Former Beaverhead Co. treasurer helps get Hamilton office in order


HAMILTON, Mont. - The retired Beaverhead County treasurer, contracted to help Ravalli County get its treasurer's office in order, is three days into her job. Kathy Allard will spend a month helping unravel backlogged reports, deposits and disbursements.

Ravalli County Treasurer Valerie Stamey was placed on administrative leave after months of financial trouble erupted into massive complaints.

Allard is experienced with the software that is sued in both the tax and motor vehicle departments.

Besides helping to get the office caught up, she'll be working with a new staff.

Clerk and recorder and elections supervisor Regina Plettenberg was appointed by commissioners to help guide the troubled office soon after Stamey left.

"We're just looking at how we're currently doing things so that she has an idea of how things are done," said Plettenberg. "She needs that before she can look at the past stuff. We also want her (Allard) to give us feedback to make sure we're doing things as efficiently as possible."

Commissioners approved spending up to $10,000 for Allard's month-long contract. That includes her wages and basic living expenses, like transportation and lodging she will need because she  is living away from home."

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