Forestry day founder memorialized at forestry day 2013


MISSOULA, Mont. - It was Forestry Day at Fort Missoula today, capping off a week of forestry competitions and antique logging demonstrations.

The society of American Foresters takes this day each year to plant a memorial tree near the lookout tower at Fort Missoula.

This year's tree remembers the man responsible for moving that tower to the fort.

Charles "Mike" Hardy was one of the original founders of the forestry center at Fort Missoula.

He can be attributed directly to the creation of forestry day itself.

Hardy was the president of the forestry club at the University of Montana in 1938 when the first plans for the forestry conclave were drafted.

He died peacefully at 95-years-old last year.

A white pine was planted in memory of Hardy because he studied them in Northern Idaho for his masters thesis.

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