Fish Wildlife and Parks will start capturing female grizzlies to fit with GPS monitors


MISSOULA, Mont. - In May, Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks will start capturing and fitting female grizzly bears with G-P-S monitors for scientific study.

FWP has been capturing bears in the Northern Continental Divide and studying them for several years.

Scientists hope to collar new bears and to re-collar other grizzlies.

They are studying sow and cub survival, reproduction rates and  population trends.

From May through October, they will be capturing only a few bears in a huge area.

"The Northern Continental Divide," said FWP spokesperson Vivaca Crowser, "is the area where we're really focused on monitoring the bears and that's the spot that runs all the way from the southern tip here in Missoula, running through Glacier and east to the Rocky Mountain Front, west to the Idaho border."

Photograph courtesy: Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks

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