Fewer people plan to travel for Thanksgiving


Fewer people plan to travel for Thanksgiving

MISSOULA, Mont. - Fewer people plan to travel for the long Thanksgiving weekend this year.

According to AAA projections 43.4 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more. Last year 44 million traveled for the holiday.

Most people NBC Montana talked to Monday planned to stay at home for the holiday, though some said they have family coming to visit.

"They're coming here tomorrow, driving from Oregon and will leave on Saturday or Sunday," said Missoula resident Carl Davis.

"I have a son coming from Bozeman," said Suzanne Nuanez.

Julie Majors is celebrating Thanksgiving early this year, and already flew in from Denver. "We're going to go home on Wednesday morning but we're going to have a special Thanksgiving Tuesday night."

But Majors said she doesn't normally fly anywhere for Thanksgiving, mostly because of the weather.

The AAA report says some people may still have concerns about the slow recovery of the economy, but most people NBC Montana talked to said the economy didn't play a role.

"Just enjoying staying home and not having to travel," said Missoula resident Hillary Ogg.  

"We usually stay in town because of the roads," said Luke Langbehn.

Those who are traveling this year, and plan to drive rather than fly, will pay less for gas than the past three Thanksgiving holidays -- with gas prices sitting around $3 or so across the country. For some, while the price is right, family members plan to make the trip regardless.

"I'm sure they're cognizant of it, going to the gas pumps. But I don't think it would make a difference," Davis said.

According to AAA most Thanksgiving travelers will leave Wednesday and return Sunday.

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