February snow good for winter gear rental business


February snow good for winter gear rental business

MISSOULA, Mont. - More snow in the forecast has some Missoula businesses thankful.

"Since we've gotten snow our rental business has just almost doubled from what we were doing before," said manager at Outdoor Supply and Rental Tobey McGuirl

McGuirl said this season has been anything but ordinary.

"In the beginning of December we had the super cold, so nobody was really getting out," he said. "In January we had a boom and it warmed up a little bit but then it got so warm there was no snow."

It created some concern for the shop that rents out snow shoes, cross county skis and other winter gear.

"I mean we went through January and pretty much the end of December without any snowfall in Missoula at all," McGuirl said.

But February was a game changer; 11 inches of snow in Missoula so far.

"I know we've had people lined up at the door almost every month to get rentals," McGuirl said.  "And we've been almost rented out completely almost every single day."

The snow certainly helped boost business, but McGuirl admitted before too long they'll be thinking spring.

"Once we get into March and April you actually start hoping for warmer weather because that just kind of jump starts your spring."

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