Family, friends raise funds for Hellgate student with cancer


Family, friends raise funds for Hellgate student with cancer

MISSOULA, Mont. - Monica Fisher is a 15-year-old Hellgate High School student. She's loved by several friends, teachers and family.

It was a shock when Fisher's family found out terrible news last month in March.

"There's a possibility that she loses her leg entirely," said Bev Lewis, Monica's aunt.

"Things moved so much faster than we expected. We didn't have time to prepare or anything. It's just load up and go," said Mary Fisher, Monica grandma.

Now, she's 190 miles away in a Spokane hospital fighting Stage 3 osteosarcoma, which is a bone cancer.

"To happen to such a young person, and such a sweet...she's a really sweet, sweet girl. Everybody loves her," said Lewis.  

It all started about a year ago, with pain in her hip. It got worse when she had a ski accident this year in February.

Her single parent dad, Joe Fisher, didn't have insurance but finally got Medicaid and took her to the doctor. In March, she was diagnosed. The news was not what anyone expected.

Her dad is with her now in Spokane, as she undergoes aggressive chemotherapy.

"He's just scared, he doesn't know what to do, what's coming next, what to expect. Every day is just something new," said Mary Fisher. 

Joe Fisher doesn't make much. While Medicaid pays Monica's medical expenses, he's taking time off work and he's got two other kids.

He is also looking for an apartment on a first floor level, a trailer or a living situation where no stairs are involved because Monica will not be able to do stairs.

Friends and family set up a Facebook page for fundraising and support, and they are looking to buy a laptop for Monica, so she can keep up with her school work.

"It's really to just go on there and send her positive messages, if you want to donate to the silent auction, keep updated on her progress," said Lewis.

There's even a Go Fund Me site.

"So far, we've raised $475," said Mary Fisher.

There are donation jars set up at Ole's too.

You can click here to go to the Facebook page and click here to go to the Go Fund Me site.

Monica has a bank account set up called "For Benefit of Monica Fisher" at the Missoula Federal Credit Union.

There will be a silent auction and chili feed to help raise money for Monica Fisher. It will be on Friday,  May 2 at the River of Life Church in East Missoula from 2 to 9 p.m.

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