Fact Checker: Daines ad attacks Walsh for Obamacare support


MISSOULA, Mont. - We're doing some political fact checking tonight, as NBC Montana digs into a campaign ad from Representative Steve Daines attacking Senator John Walsh's support of the Affordable Care Act.

Both are battling over Walsh's seat, which is up for grabs this November.

Steve Daines' new ad is called "Pink."

The ad claims the Affordable Care Act cuts funding to Medicare, but the tactic isn't new.

We dug deeper, and found that Republicans have been making similar claims in other races across the country.

A similar ad from Florida, criticizing Democrat Alex Sink's support of Obamacare, claims that AFA cut $700 billion from Medicare.

According to, that claim rates as a half-truth.

The $700 billion figure is real, but what's missing is the context.

We pulled a Congressional Budget Office report that says the cuts are spread out through 2022.

They include money that would be withheld from hospitals that don't meet certain benchmarks, along with cuts to Medicare Advantage, a small program within Medicare run by private insurers.

The White House says the goal is to increase efficiency and quality of care, and according to the Center for Medicare Services, Medicare spending overall is still expected to increase.

And here's the thing. The Ryan budget, supported by Steve Daines, includes many of the same cuts, which mean both candidates have supported plans that include cuts to Medicare.

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