Experts give advice to prevent severe allergies


MISSOULA, Mont. - Sneezing, itchy eyes and congestion -- it's that time of the year again. It's allergy season, and it lasts until the end of May.

Experts warn to watch out for trees with excessive pollen, specifically Alder, Juniper and Aspen trees.

Allergist Dr. Carl Thornblade says there are ways to prevent getting bad allergies, like taking a shower at the end of the day and using over-the-counter medication.

"You can drive with your windows up in your car instead of down. You can keep your windows closed in your house at night so the pollen doesn't come in. You can get an air filter in your bedroom, which might help with some allergens," said Thornblade.

He also says that severe allergies can affect social activities, work productivity, sleep and overall quality of life.

Make sure to look out for those symptoms. You can also get allergy shots to help with relieving severe symptoms.

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