Exchange student's German soccer organization reacts to death


Exchange student's German soccer organization reacts to death

MISSOULA, Mont. - People who participate in Diren Dede's soccer organization in Hamburg, Germany, are reacting to the exchange student's death in Missoula over the weekend.

Investigators say 17-year old Dede died after being shot by 29-year old Markus Kaarma. Prosecutors say Kaarma had set a trap in his garage to catch potential burglars.  

Kaarma faces a charge of deliberate homicide. 

Missoula German language instructor Lisa Moser helped translate reactions from German television coverage.

One man who identified himself as a Soccer Department Leader said the following during an interview, according to Moser: "We're frustrated. We're mad. We can't really grasp it. It's hard for me to find words," and "We're going to be dealing with this for a long time until we've worked through it."

A teammate, in an interview with the same TV station, said the following, according to Moser's translation, when asked about finding out about Dede's death: "My teammate's mom called my mom. We immediately went over there and within a very short time there were tons of people there, and the news traveled fast. We had a little bit of hope. We hoped that there was a mistake, that he was falsely identified. When we first found out it was just sadness and a lot of crying."

The interviews in the video indicate that the team will finish out the rest of their season with special insignias on their jerseys to honor Dede, and they've been working to raise money for Dede's family.

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