Domestic disturbance in Turah leads to arrests


MISSOULA, Mont. - Three people were arrested near Turah today after a domestic disturbance.  Missoula County authorities say no one was seriously injured and all suspects involved were taken into custody.

Deputies say they responded Monday morning to Rustic Road right off the Turah exit for a domestic disturbance between a woman, her boyfriend, and her brother. Authorities told us the three suspects had a disagreement over personal property involving a vehicle.

The brother then allegedly grabbed his sister's wrist which resulted in the boyfriend getting a jack handle and swinging it at the brother. Deputies said the brother then went into the home and grabbed a shotgun. He brought the weapon outside and fired it in a safe direction away from the other people.

The brother, identified as Eric Hay, was charged with disorderly conduct.  His sister, Mallory Plesant, was also charged with disorderly conduct along with criminal trespass to a motor vehicle.  Authorities say the boyfriend, Chris Bryant, was charged with assault with a weapon. All three suspects are not juveniles, but their ages are unknown at this time.

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