Documents: Accused bride wanted 'cops out of it'


MISSOULA, Mont. - New court documents detail the case federal prosecutors are building against a bride accused of pushing her husband to his death in Montana eight days after their wedding.
A magistrate judge unsealed the documents Wednesday over prosecutors' objections. Three search warrants obtained by investigators, looking at 22-year-old Jordan Linn Graham's facebook, twitter and email accounts.
They say a friend told investigators that Graham went to Glacier National Park in July to find Cody Johnson's body so the search would be called off "and the cops out of it."
They also describe an email from a person named "Tony" that said Johnson had fallen to his death and called for an end to the search. Investigators say the message was sent from an account using a computer registered to Graham's father.
Graham has pleaded not guilty to murder and making a false statement.

A trial is scheduled for December.

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