Details from unnamed expulsion case, Jordan Johnson affidavit similar


Details from unnamed expulsion case, Jordan Johnson affidavit similar 08-01-12

MISSOULA, Mont. - One day after starting Griz quarterback Jordan Johnson is charged with rape, new questions as to whether he'll be a student come fall.

Attorneys are not saying where Jordan Johnson is but we know he is not in custody either in Missoula or in Eugene, OR his home town.

Attorneys aren't talking, the University isn't either and there's no word who will replace him on the Griz starting lineup.

Now, NBC Montana uncovered similarities in the criminal case against Johnson and a federal civil rights case filed by an unidentified man against the university over whether he should be expelled.

Just last week head Griz football Coach Mick Delaney said Jordan Johnson would start for the team this fall. "As of today Jordy is our starter," said Delaney.

But now, Johnson's suspended from the team and there could be more.

NBC Montana dug through two different court cases alleging rape.

The first: a federal civil rights suit filed by an anonymous student against the university, trying to stop the school from holding hearings to expel him.

The second: the state charging affidavit filed against Jordan Johnson.

No official will confirm the unnamed student and Johnson are the same man. But there are striking similarities. The most obvious; David Paoli representing the unnamed student is the same attorney representing Johnson in his criminal case.

The federal case also includes details in its ‘findings' saying the alleged victim invited the unnamed student to her apartment to watch movies. The criminal case sets up the alleged incident the same way.

From there the details continue to line up. From facts about the alleged victim's roommates, to what the woman says happened to her, as well as the text sent later to her friend saying she was raped.

Even last week while Coach Delaney said Johnson was the guy, he seemed to be hedging his bets.

" know that situation I have no control over and it's in the process...that's not what people want to hear, but that's the truth," Delaney said.
Again, no one will confirm that the unnamed student and Jordan Johnson are the same man, but the details in both cases are almost identical.

Read the details from the civil rights case by clicking here.
To see the charging documents against Jordan Johnson click here.

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