Debate continues on ordinance requiring Missoula officials to live in city limits


MISSOULA, Mont. - The debate continues in Missoula over a controversial proposal that would require city officials to live inside city limits.

If passed the ordinance would impact 12 city jobs including the police and fire chief.

Some Missoula City Council members say passing this ordinance could cause the city to lose valuable future employees; others say exemptions could be made on a case-by-case basis. 

"I don't like the whole thing," said council member Jon Wilkins.  "I just don't feel like we should be telling people where they've got to live."

"Part of the many requirements of that employment is to live in the city for that particular job, so I don't think we should have an exemption," said council member Alex Taft.

According to the most current draft of the ordinance any city official who already owns a house within the county but outside city limits would be grandfathered in.  If the ordinance takes effect future employees would have to reside within Missoula city limits. 

The discussion picks back up at city council on Monday, April 1.  NBC Montana will be there and let you know what happens.

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