Crowd packs hearing on proposed permits for land near Stevensville Airport


STEVENSVILLE, Mont. - A crowd packed a Stevensville area church to have its say on a proposed ordinance  governing height requirements for buildings and trees, near the city owned Stevensville Airport.

Mayor Gene Mim Mack pitched the proposal to a vocal audience.

Thirty to 50 property owners who live 3-thousand feet from each runway would need to apply for permits for structures or trees that exceed 50 feet.

Current buildings or trees over the limit would be grandfathered in.

The city is trying to update a 1989 ordinance for air safety, that Mim Mack said, is more restrictive than this plan.

He said it would also affect fewer people in the airport area.

But it was a tough sell for the city mayor to sell, especially to county residents.

"It's coming up on July 4th," said Kevin Hammons," anybody remember taxation without representation."

"Number one, if it isn't broke," said Will Bodle, "number 2, don't fix it."

"If anybody's got their land for sale near the airport," said Bill Wyatt," it's going down."

By the time NBC Montana had reached its 10 o'clock  news deadline, no one had spoken in favor of the proposal.

The hearing was held before the mayor, the airport manager, the town attorney and council members.

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