Crews start filling in medians on Highway 93 South


LOLO, Mont. - Many of the medians along Highway 93 South that had been planted in trees and shrubs are being filled with decorative concrete. That's after most of the vegetation in those medians died.

Crews started working in Lolo. They're replacing dirt fill in the islands with dyed concrete, then imprinting the cement with a brick pattern.

They'll also do median work in Florence, Stevensville, Woodside and Hamilton.

The work is expected to take about a month.

"Most definitely," said Missoula maintenance chief of the Montana Department of Transportation."There'll be traffic control at every project site."

May urges people to be aware that there is work going on and to watch for workers.

Crews will cap the wide islands at the "Y" in Stevensville.

Twenty potted trees will be placed on those islands.

The existing landscape on medians in Victor will remain.

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