Court documents reveal prosecution's case in bride murder trial


Court documents reveal prosecution's case in bride murder trial

MISSOULA, Mont. - Newly filed federal court documents paint an inside picture of the case federal prosecutors are putting together against a Kalispell bride accused of murdering her husband.

Jordan Linn Graham is accused of first- and second-degree murder and lying to investigators. 

Prosecutors claim she pushed her husband of just eight days, Cody Lee Johnson, off a cliff in Glacier and then concocted a story about him taking off to the park with friends. 

On July 11, Johnson called authorities and told them she had found Johnson's body. 

The defense claims she was arguing with him and accidentally pushed him.  But court documents filed Monday show prosecutors want the judge to allow in evidence of what they call "prior acts."

On the list -- Graham's claims of being involved in previous abusive relationships and her alleged statement one month before Johnson's death that she "could kill her mother and stepfather." 

The new documents unveil the prosecution's expert witnesses -- a DNA expert from FBI headquarters to testify about six human hairs found "embedded in a cloth" found next to Johnson's body. 

Prosecutors also intend to call computer and cell phone experts to track Graham's communications. 

Documents also indicate plea talks between prosecutors and Graham's attorneys broke down last week. 

Wednesday, November 27 is the deadline for the two sides to cut a deal. 

But papers filed this week indicate while Graham's attorneys want a settlement conference, the U.S. Attorney's office says a settlement conference would violate court rules.

Click below to read the latest documents:

Witness Disclosure: Gary Dale
Witness Disclosure: Linda M. Otterstatter
Witness Disclosure: Matthew J. Salacinski
Witness Disclosure: Nathan B. Allred
Electronic Evidence Notice
Federal Rules of Evidence
Evidence Notice
Motion for Leave to File Summary Exhibit
Status Report

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