Coordination, dedication key for Missoula figure skaters


Coordination, dedication key for Missoula figure skaters

MISSOULA, Mont. - The Missoula Figure Skating Club knows what it takes to compete.

Two members of the club - Billy Stone, 14, and Mackenzie Kazandjian, 13, have been skating for years.

Stone said the club gets just four hours of ice time a week. When he trains out-of-state he gets much more time.

"When I train in like Spokane or Portland I get four hours a day," Stone said.

Ice time is everything when you have goals like these two.

"Just to compete internationally when I'm at the senior level," Stone said.

"My goal is actually to get to the Olympics and someday be in shows," said Kazandjian. "Like Disney on Ice and Stars on Ice."

When it comes to the Olympics, they both have their favorites, both competing this year in Sochi and from previous Olympic games.

"Well Yuna Kim is coming back this year and she won the Olympics in 2010," said Stone. "She's from South Korea…I really like watching her and I roomed with guy from Japan who's going this year. So I'm kind of rooting for him, named Tatsuki Machida."

"My favorite skater is Evan Lysacek and Michelle Kwan," Kazandjian. "Evan Lysacek is my No. 1 though."

They'll keep a close eye on what the world skaters do and work to improve their own skills.

"Spin positions, when they're spinning in one place, those are something that you kind of have to pick up on," said Stone.

"I like doing mostly the jumps and learning new things every day," said Kazandjian.

Both will tell you it's the time on the ice, that dedication that makes all the difference.

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