Convicted Kalispell murderer denied parole


Convicted Kalispell murderer denied parole (5-31-13)

DEER LODGE, Mont. - A Flathead man convicted of killing his wife was denied parole on Friday morning, during a hearing in Deer Lodge. Jerry Forsyth was sentenced to 110 years in prison back in 1986 after three trials spanning roughly six years. His friend had told a courtroom that Forsyth shot his wife in an attempt to make it look like a robbery.

During Friday's hearing, Forsyth denied killing his wife, Karen.  Parole board members told Forsyth that he was not taking responsibility, and therefore did not meet the standards of rehabilitation. Forsyth was also denied parole in 2002 and 2007.

Flathead County Attorney Ed Corrigan was also present at the hearing to argue against Forsyth's possible release, as was Karen's sister, Sharon Snell.

"It's just a great relief. I can breathe another sigh of relief for another five years," said Snell.  "I just couldn't believe that he denied doing it again today. He denied that he murdered her and he clearly did."

Forsyth will have to wait at least five years to have another try at parole.

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