Community Forestry Day held at UM


MISSOULA, Mont. - The Forester's Ball organization and the Forestry Scholarship Association teamed up to hold the first ever "Community Forestry Day" at the University of Montana. The event aimed to stir interest in nature and forestry management among youngsters, and included several interactive events.

Smokey the Bear was in attendance, and different booth workers showed kids how pollution affects the environment and the types of tools used by forestry workers in their management efforts. The event included free admission.

Organizers say Montana is the perfect place to hold an event like the Community Forestry Day.

"Our communities are tied so closely to the natural world, whether it's forestry, water, [and] wildlife. They're part of our community, as a city, as a state, and really across the nation," said Alex Williams, Board Chair of the Forestry Scholarship Association. The Forestry Scholarship Association aims to support students and student organizations within the College of Forestry and Conservation.

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