City dispatches road crew to patch potholes


MISSOULA, Mont. - We have new information for you about NBC Montana's new pothole patrol.

Viewers have been flooding our website and Facebook page with tips on more potholes opening up on our roads.

"It seems like the asphalt's starting to break apart, and a lot of the potholes that they filled are the most noticeable potholes that the asphalt's actually releasing from it and it's just a big mess," said cyclist Bryant Barton.

Missoula city officials say they already have one road crew actively repairing potholes.

NBC Montana witnessed the crew's handiwork on a spot in north Missoula that a viewer originally alerted us to.

On Thursday morning,  the intersection of Warden Avenue and Phillips Street was littered with potholes. By late afternoon Thursday afternoon, crews had already patched the holes.

Missoula Chief Administrative Officer Bruce Bender said it's still early in the season, and once March hits, the city will devote more resources to fixing potholes.

"Our resources are restrained and we prioritize the streets that carry the most traffic. Those streets, I think are in very good shape right now," said Bender.

We're here to help as well. Find the "Pothole Patrol" link on our home page to report a pothole, and we'll pass on the information to the appropriate street department.

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