Cell phone ban expected to pass in Missoula



Missoula's the only large city left in Montana without some sort of ban that prohibits talking on the phone while driving.  Wednesday, city leaders moved one step closer to changing that.


City Councilman Dave Strohmaier has been trying to get this proposed cell phone ban passed since 2009 and now it looks like the ban will be going through. 


The proposed cell phone ban will officially be voted on Monday.  Council members say if the proposed cell phone ban passes there will be a 90-day grace period during which Missoula police say they will give warnings to the public and put up signs letting people know the ordinance is in effect.


Council members say the minimum fine for a first offense will range from $100 to $300 and repeat offenders will face fines up to $500.

"I think what we want to do is have a concerted effort for education during those first 90 days and after that period if you violate the ordinance you are going to be feeling the pain in your wallet and that's my intent," said Strohmaier. 


Part of Missoula's proposed cell phone ban differs from other cities.  Bicyclists will also be cited for the same ordinance violations.

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