Cars reach dangerous temps quickly in summer heat


Cars reach dangerous temps quickly in summer heat 07-02-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - Hot weather like that in western Montana this week can create some unsafe conditions.

Most of us have heard the heat-related warnings before -- staying hydrated, staying out of the sun when possible and not leaving children or pets in the car.

Kate Siegrist, Director of Health Service in Missoula, says the temperature inside a locked car can go up 20 degrees in just 10 minutes.

NBC Montana tested it out Tuesday. After driving around with the air conditioner on, a thermometer in the car read 72 degrees. We turned the car off, cracked the windows and left the thermometer inside.

"You might just think you're popping into a store somewhere and you leave your baby in the car seat or you leave your elderly parent and you think I'm not going to be very long and you crack the windows," said Siegrist. "Well that may just not be enough."

Ten minutes after we locked the thermometer in the car, we checked to see how much the temp went up. The thermometer read close to 92 degrees, right on track with the 20 degrees in 10 minutes. Unsafe conditions for children, elderly folks and pets.

"It seems like every year somebody just forgets or just takes a chance and you just don't have to," said Siegrist. "Enjoy our beautiful summer weather just think ahead and make sure you're prepared for the heat."

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