Campaign signs vandalized before Florence election


FLORENCE, Mont. - A school board election has hit a sour note in the community of Florence.

Vickie Cornish and Dorothy Rhodes are the incumbent candidates in the trustee election for the Florence-Carlton School District. The candidates are campaigning together against challengers.

On Saturday Cornish got a call from a supporter that a large campaign sign had been vandalized. Cornish found other signs were vandalized as well.

One sign just down the street from the school was covered with a spray-painted red "X." Signs for the other candidates remain untouched.

Cornish and her husband also found that many of their small, red campaign signs had been removed -- 40 in all.  Election day for the school district is May 6 and ballots are already in the mail to eligible voters.

Cornish told NBC Montana she's concerned about the negative direction the vandals have taken to voice their political views. She also stated that these acts were not a proper representation of the Florence community.

The Ravalli County Sheriff's Office has no leads at this time to the vandals' identity.

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