California littles ready for homes


MISSOULA, Mont - Small dogs that have traveled a long way are ready to be adopted.

They are called California Littles. Usually Montana gets about 15 at once but this delivery is much bigger.

These small dogs were supposed to travel by plane but our weather forced them to get to Montana by van.

Most are staying at the Humane Society in Missoula.

The shelter's director says a normal stay at the shelter is 17 days but California Littles find families in about 5 days.

Lora O'Connor from the Humane Society says, "We've had a van full arrive at 4:10 this morning. We have a dedicated staff and they got them all checked in and they are ready to be adopted. We received over 60, and 45 are staying here and 12 other dogs are going to some other shelters in Montana."

Montana families already have claimed 7 of the Califoria Littles transported this morning.

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