Cabela's Missoula gives 'sneak peak' as opening nears


Cabela's in Missoula open June 12th

MISSOULA, Mont. - Only two weeks until a new outdoors store that's hired almost one hundred people opens up near one of Missoula's busiest intersections.

NBC Montana got a sneak peek inside the new Cabela's Thursday, located on Reserve and Brooks, where the old Kmart once was.

This is actually an outpost store - not a full Cabela's - but it's still huge.

We're told the 42,000 square foot store is designed to surround customers with in an outdoor-like experience.

That's one of the reasons managers believe Cabela's will compete with similar stores in the area.
"The people working for us are so passionate about what they sell. The items we sell, the fun activities we do on the weekends, the events we do - it's all in the employees' nature to be passionate about the outdoors. that's kind of what we were looking for when we hired everybody," said Marketing Manager Danny Noonan.

Cabela's opens to the public Thursday, June 12.

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