Butte dog catcher arrested for DUI, crash


Butte dog catcher arrested for DUI, crash

BUTTE, Mont. - Butte-Silver Bow officials won't say whether an animal control officer arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol while at work is still on the job or not.

NBC Montana learned from a viewer tip that city animal control officer Charlie Dick was arrested for DUI on Tuesday after he allegedly crashed a county vehicle.

Sheriff Ed Lester confirmed to NBC Montana that Dick was arrested after he had refused a breathalyzer test from responding officers.

Lester added that a witness noticed the damaged county vehicle sitting next to a broken fence.

Just a few minutes later the neighbor alerted the homeowner who wasn't home at the time. The homeowner then decided to call the police.

Lester says when officers arrived on scene the county vehicle was gone.

Dick was originally there following up on a complaint of two loose dogs running around. The dogs belonged to the homeowner and were in the back of the animal control truck during the accident.

Investigators eventually tracked the vehicle back to the animal control office where it was parked.

NBC Montana contacted the homeowner who claimed he's had similar dealings with Charlie Dick before.

"I assumed he was probably gassed up, you know, because I've had a couple encounters with him and I know I could smell alcohol," said Randy Walter,.

"I called 911 and they said it really wasn't an emergency, and I said 'Well, it really is an emergency if someone got mowed over or my fence got hit,'" added Walter.

Ed Randall, the director of Butte Community Enrichment and Animal Services confirmed to NBC Montana that Dick was arrested for DUI and that a county vehicle was involved in the crash.

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