Bus ridership up in Missoula as cold temperatures kick in


Bus ridership up in Missoula as cold temperatures kick in

MISSOULA, Mont. - Mountain Line staffers tell NBC Montana that bus ridership has gone up over the last couple days in Missoula, as cold temperatures continue to chill the Missoula area.

"I'm waiting for the bus right now but it's very cold. I could wait in there but there's quite a bit of people," said Missoula resident Brandon Sandvig.

Sandvig was just one of the bus riders NBC Montana spoke with at Mountain Line's downtown Missoula transfer station on Tuesday. Another, Lee Colyer, told NBC Montana that luckily she lives close to the transfer station.

"So it's not too bad. I can just run over here and I'm warm right here, but for people standing out and waiting for the bus at the bus stop is something else," said Colyer. 

Ridership has gone up about fifteen percent according to Urban Transportation District General Manager Michael Tree.

Tree says riders are able to use Mountain Line's iPhone app to track bus locations in real time, to avoid waiting outside longer than they need to. Tree also says traffic to Mountain Line's website has gone up, and that is a good gauge of how many people are turning to the bus when the weather gets rough.

Folks looking for more information on the app or Mountain Line in general can visit the website by clicking here.

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