Bullock sworn in as Montana's 24th governor


Bullock sworn in as Montana's 24th Governor 1-7-12

HELENA, Mont. - It was an optimistic morning on the steps of Montana's State Capitol Monday, as Governor Steve Bullock and other officials were sworn into office.

Outgoing Governor Brian Schweitzer told Montanans they're in good hands with Bullock and Lt. Governor John Walsh leading the way.

"Governor Steve Bullock knows that the government is for the last and the least," Schweitzer said. "For the first and the most you'll make your own way."

And while he didn't officially say goodbye, "I'm going to say see ya later," said Schweitzer.  He did officially hand over the reins.

"It's extremely humbling to stand here before you as the 24th governor of the state of Montana," Bullock said as he took the podium.

Bullock said he's got big plans for Montana, many a continuation of the last eight years under Schweitzer, with focus on the state's economy and education.

"We share an honor and a great undertaking to expand opportunities for the Montanans who have placed their trust in each and every one of us," said Bullock.

But Bullock also said he plans to improve relationships with Republican legislative leaders taking office Monday to start work on the governor's budget proposal. Bullock promised to work with all lawmakers "regardless of the partisan labels attached to your names."

While he's ready to move forward on making his administrations goals a reality, Monday was about making a promise to Montanans to uphold the state's values.

Secretary of State Linda McCulloch, Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau and State Auditor Monica Lindeen - all Democrats - were sworn in for second terms. Republican Attorney General Tim Fox was took office too.

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