Brother of Missoula stabbing victim speaks out at hearing


Brother of Missoula stabbing victim speaks out at hearing 11-13-12

MISSOULA, Mont. - 54-year-old Emmitt Hogsten made an initial appearance in court Tuesday on charges of attempted deliberate homicide.

He's accused of stabbing his estranged wife multiple times in a truck parked outside Empire Building Materials in Missoula.

Robert Marler, the victim's brother, attended the hearing. He said he had to see for himself what would happen to the man accused of stabbing his sister.

"To see that he either has a high bond or doesn't get out," said Marler. "I don't want him hurting any of my sisters. He knows where they live."

Marler said he spoke to his sister at the hospital after the stabbing, and she told him what happened.

"(Hogsten) wanted to meet up with her, and give her money for Christmas presents for her kids, so she met up with him."

The woman said she and Hogsten went on a drive, where Hogsten reportedly asked her to get back together with him.

"She said no," said Marler. "He said, well, if I can't have you, I'll kill you. She proceeded to get out of the truck, he grabbed her by the back of the hair, threw her down on the couch and repeatedly stabbed her with a double edge, four to five inch, dagger knife. Stabbed her five times in the abdomen, one time in the lung, and then tried to slice the right side of her neck right here."

The woman told detectives Hogsten only stopped when his knife broke. She was able to escape and stumble into Empire Building Materials, where she found help.

"A lady named Angie had helped her, and another guy kept the blood from flowing," said Marler. "Some other guy parked behind the truck to make sure that he didn't try to run or nothing, but the guy sat in the truck after, trying to wipe up the blood."

Marler said Hogsten has hurt his sister before.

"He would prevent my sister from ever going home. He's already choked her, broken blood vessels in the eye, punched her in the back of the head, and caused seizures."

Marler says he hopes, this time, Hogsten will be locked up for good.

"For the rest of his life for all I care."

A judge set Hogsten's bail at $500,000.

Marler said his sister remains hospitalized, but is now listed in stable condition.

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