Blue Mountain hiker rushed to hospital after moose attack


MISSOULA, Mont. - A hike with the dogs on Blue Mountain near Missoula ended violently, after a woman was knocked down and injured by a moose.

The attack happened near the ATV Trailhead off of Blue Mountain Road.

Crews had to hike in about a quarter-mile, and wheel the woman out on a stretcher.

Officials say she was walking several dogs off-leash around 5:20 p.m. Thursday, when they came across a female moose and her calf.

The dogs reportedly began harassing the moose, and when the woman tried to pull them off, the moose turned around and knocked her down.

Officials say she was cut on her back, but didn't sustain any life-threatening injuries.

They say leashes aren't required on Blue Mountain, but this is the time of year to bring them anyway.

"Always have your dog on a leash; always keep your dog under control," said Montana Highway Trooper Andrew Novak.  "Most of the time bears and moose won't bother people, and it's generally situations like this that do cause some issues when there's pets involved."

FWP officials say the moose was acting defensively, and they have no plans to capture or relocate it.

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