Blast doesn't halt baking, Missoula shop continues Valentine's prep


Blast doesn't halt baking, Missoula shop continues Valentine's prep

MISSOULA, Mont. - An early morning explosion in an apartment above Bernice's Bakery in Missoula created some chaos Wednesday.

Police say the resident, a 46-year-old man was uninjured and wasn't in the apartment at the time. Another man who was a guest was inside but left the scene before law enforcement arrived.

While an investigation into what caused the explosion continues, so does the hard work as the bakery prepares for one of its busiest days all year.

"It has definitely been crazy around Bernice's," said owner Christine Littig. "We are eagerly and frantically and willingly getting ready and putting ourselves together to provide Missoula a wonderful Valentine's."

There are cookies, cakes and everything in between.

"We have chocolate dipped cookies, lindor cookies, seven, eight different kinds of cupcakes, mini cupcakes, lemon macaroons," Littig said.

They are stacks of orders the bakery has to fill and Littig says they'll work on Valentine's Day too.

"I personally will be frosting, hand frosting sugar cookies in the dining room," Littig said.  "I'm personalizing them all day on Friday."

Littig says by the end of it thousands of sweets will go out the door making all the hard work worth it.

"We do about three thousand cookies…that's just the tip of the iceberg," Littig said. "Then you add the cakes on there, the thousand cupcakes and pretty soon you're looking at some pretty big numbers. All made from scratch, all hand decorated and a lot of fun."

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