Black bears observed feeding on fruit in Missoula area


MISSOULA, Mont. - According to, residents have reported multiple black bears feeding on apples near homes in the Butler Creek area recently, as well as the Rattlesnake Area.  The Rattlesnake sightings include one, but possibly two female bears with cubs.

A female black bear with cubs was also reported in the East Missoula area, eating apples near houses, as well as multiple reports of black bears eating apples and garbage.

FWP wildlife workers also installed an electric fence surrounding a fruit orchard in the Helmville area, after multiple grizzlies had approached a home to eat fruit.

FWP staff tell NBC Montana that it is ordinary this time of year for bears to seek reliable food sources to fatten up, but residents are advised to be proactive in preventing bears from becoming food-conditioned. Residents are advised to remove attractants from outside their homes, like birdfeeders and garbage.

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