Bill could change absentee ballot envelopes


HELENA, Mont. - Last election season NBC Montana told you when some voters were frustrated with the extra postage required to mail in absentee ballots.

The envelopes weren't labeled specifically leaving some voters confused when they needed an extra stamp.

Now, lawmakers are considering a bill to alleviate some of the problems. Senate Bill 68 proposes labeling the envelopes with the exact amount of required postage.

"Voting can be an overwhelming process for many and Senate Bill 68 can make it easier for Montanans to participate," said Marge Crennen from AARP Montana. "If we tell people how much postage they need to mail their ballot it is one less phone call or trip to the elections office."

At the first hearing for the bill in Helena this week, no one spoke in opposition.

Last election it took 65 cents to send in a ballot. That was mentioned in the instruction sheet, but not the return envelope.

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