'Bear Aware' trailer travels to educate


'Bear Aware' trailer travels to educate 05-23-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - As the summer months approach, people who spend time in Montana's wilderness could encounter bears. That's why a national campaign is tackling the northwest with a reminder on bear safety.

Dale Manning, the owner of Missoula's Custom Birdworks Taxidermy, put the finishing touches on a male grizzly bear Thursday. The bear used to roam Highway 93 spending his time between Missoula and Arlee. But about a year ago he got hit by a car near Evaro Hill.

Now the bear is stuffed and mounted. He'll be loaded up in a trailer with a black bear mount and the two will travel the northwest.

It's part of the national 'Be Bear Aware' Campaign -- a project that teaches safety to people who live in and around bear country.

"We go to schools, youth groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, campsites, community events, to educate and inform the public," said Be Bear Aware Director Chuck Bartlebaugh.

The side of Bartlebaugh's trailer features maps and pictures. It's decorated with tips about identifying the difference between a black bear and grizzly bear, how to bear-proof a campsite and how to use bear spray.

There are 10 different bear trailers that are part of the project. They'll travel from Wyoming through Montana and up to Seattle.

For more information and bear safety tips click here.

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