Baucus discusses impending 'Fiscal Cliff' at Griz-Cat game


Baucus discusses impending 'Fiscal Cliff' at Griz-Cat game 11-17-12

MISSOULA, Mont. - Senator Max Baucus traveled to Missoula Saturday to join thousands of others at Washington-Grizzly Stadium for the 112th annual Brawl of the Wild.

Before the game, Senator Baucus touched on another upcoming battle in Washington.

Preparation is currently underway by congressional Democrats and Republicans to begin negotiations avoid an impending "fiscal cliff" of expiring tax cuts and spending reductions that will kick in at the beginning of the year.

If congress can't agree on a deficit reduction plan, the abrupt cutbacks could send the country back into recession.

Senator Baucus said he's fully aware of the consequences if negotiations fail.

"The consequences of this so called cliff are so dire, that the pressure to get something done is therefore very great," said Baucus. "Montana's taxes will go up three thousand dollars a year if this is not resolved,

Baucus said for an agreement to be reached, he believes representatives will need to forget partisan politics.

"I expect good faith, because elections are over," said Baucus. "And more than that, members of congress know what the problem is. They know what huge debt has got to be chipped away at. They know we can't go off this fiscal cliff, and I think we'll find a solution."

Baucus will head back to Washington D.C. in a few days, where the fiscal cliff negotiations will start after Thanksgiving.

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