Backpack found outside of church, more than $12K inside


Backpack found outside of church, more than $12K inside

MISSOULA, Mont. - It's not every day that you stumble upon a backpack full of cash outside of your church building.

"Money in the bag, it's like, 'Oh my!'" said Champ Edmunds, a deacon at the Journey Christian Fellowship and candidate for U.S. Senate.

"As soon as he opened it, he said, 'It's full of money,' and we're like, 'Yeah shut up!'" said Deacon Blaine Soll.

Edmunds and Soll left Sunday services at the Journey Christian Fellowship to go downstairs and fix a sewer problem.

They opened a door they don't usually open, to get some fresh air and then, "There was a backpack by the door," said Edmunds.  

Soll says when he saw the money inside of the backpack, it wasn't tied up, it was all over.

"A couple of us looked inside and I don't know how many brand new, I mean mostly $100 bills just packed full in there," said Soll.

"The other guy that was standing there said, 'Somebody left it for the church?' I says, ‘Somebody left it for the church? It's a campaign donation!' but I was entirely joking about it. There was a little over $12,000 in there, six cell phones, they said, and then a tablet," said Edmunds.

Police have the backpack now.

"We would keep it for about 90 days," said Missoula Public Information Officer Travis Welsh. They are trying to figure out who owns it.  

Soll says his wife noticed the backpack prior to Sunday, but thought it belonged to a band member.

"36 to 48 hours later, it's still there," said Soll.

Where the backpack and the cash will end up, nobody knows.

"You'd like to think that it was God's sovereignty to place that backpack there for us," said Soll.

Edmunds says that the police found some identification in the backpack and that person is wanted on a search warrant.

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