Background on Jordan Graham case


Background on Jordan Graham case

MISSOULA, Mont. - NBC Montana has been reporting on Jordan Graham's case since her husband Cody Johnson went missing last July.

We know little more now about Graham than we did in July. Her family has kept quiet.

There are the pictures of her wedding to Johnson, the song she commissioned from a California musician for their wedding day.

"They courted each other for the better part of two years," Robert Zunick, a friend of the couple, told us.

A July wedding – it was picture perfect.

"She said ‘I want to meet a nice guy, get married. I want to have kids and I want to be a stay at home mom. And just have my family,'" another friend, Lytaunie Blasdel, remembered.

"For the longest time, Cody just always talked about how he wanted to have a good church girl. Instantly that just summed up Jordan," Blasdel said.

Later Johnson's friends told us she didn't look at Johnson during the ceremony. But on that day there appeared no indication of what would happen next.

July 7, Johnson reportedly goes missing.

Graham tells officials she spotted him leaving with some friends she didn't know to go to Glacier National Park.

July 11, news of his disappearance hits our newscasts.

The next day, July 12, Graham finds her new husband's body at an area known as The Loop in Glacier.

"Very steep area, very treacherous. Full of rocks," said Park Spokesperson Denise Germann, at the time.  "And we needed to do a little bit more than just recover the body, but we did use Parks Canada to help with that."

Officials report Johnson was found face down in water.

In the days that followed, there was no public answer to his disappearance or death. People in Kalispell started talking.

Someone started a Twitter account called Who Killed Cody.

We found out Graham had been active on Twitter, posting every day. But from July 2 to July 11 -- the day before Johnson's body was found -- nothing.

Tweets that follow make no mention of Johnson and his death.

That's just one part of a technological puzzle prosecutors used to convince a grand jury to indict Graham.

There are also texts and a suspicious email. Investigators claim the email came from a fake account Graham set up.  It said Johnson had fallen while hiking, and the search should be called off.

One of the texts, from graham to a friend, said she had been having second thoughts about her marriage.

And then there's Graham's interview with an FBI agent. She reportedly confessed to lying, admitted the two had argued.  The argument worsened after a drive to Glacier, and ended when Johnson grabbed Graham's arm, and she pushed him with both hands.

"It strikes me totally unlike Jordan," said Zunick.

"It was hard knowing that someone so close to you could do something like that, and it hard now to even believe that it's possible," said Blasdel.

Now, even after Graham took a plea deal for second-degree murder, finding answers will be difficult for those who knew and loved Cody Lee Johnson and his young bride, 22-year-old Jordan Linn Graham.

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