Authorities warn warmer weather can mean more car break-ins


MISSOULA, Mont. - With warmer weather on its way the Missoula Sheriff's Department is urging folks to keep valuables out of their vehicles.

This comes after two vehicles' windows were recently smashed out at a Missoula area trailhead.

Sheriff's Department Detective Jason Johnson tells NBC Montana they see a rise in the number of car break-ins during the summer.

Johnson says students out of class and the nicer weather are reasons why they see the increase and he urges folks to keep valuables out of sight or don't leave them in your vehicle.

"To some extent it's the property owners' responsibility to take good care and make sure they're not an easy target for a suspect looking for a quick grab," said Johnson.

Johnson says if you do need to store something of value in your car he suggests locking it in the trunk so it's secure and no one can see it.

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