Authorities keeping close eye on Stevensville-area fire site


MISSOULA, Mont. - Firefighters in the Bitterroot continue to keep a close eye on the site of a wildfire that reportedly burned between 100 and 150 acres on Thursday, after they've dealt with several re-ignitions. Investigators say it all started with a controlled burn that got out of control.

Authorities tell NBC Montana there was another re-ignition at around 8:00 pm, though all the re-ignitions have been in blackened, controlled areas. That's still concerning to fire crews though, as they make sure wind doesn't cause the flames to travel out.

Firefighters say at this point, the blaze appears to be 100 percent out, but they'll continue to monitor conditions.

Fire officials urge people to pay attention to conditions when burning, adding that it's best to burn early in the day before winds pick up.

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