Applicants outnumber available positions at aluminum trailer plant


Applicants outnumber available positions at aluminum trailer plant 01-23-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - Over 1300 people applied to work for a company that's hiring just 60 in Missoula County.

NBC Montana reported when the job opening went up last week for welders and general laborers for new aluminum trailer plant that will run out at the Stimson site in Bonner.

The Missoula Job Service office had to put a hold on applications Wednesday, exactly one week after posting the job opening, because the hiring company already has more than enough to choose from. The Aluminum Company of Maine (ALCOM) announced their plans for a new plant last November and started the application process last week.

1,356 interested applicants worked through the job service. Within two weeks 36 will start work with ALCOM as general laborers and welders, and within five weeks that number will hopefully grow to 60.

But that leaves almost 1300 out of luck.

Though that was almost expected; when job service got word the company was coming they put more than 400 people on a waiting list.

"We told people in the community if anyone is interested in that to let us know and we put them on an email list and put their information into our database," said Missoula Job Service's Wolf Ametsbichler.

Then when it was official they had more than 1300 people come through the door, all after the jobs to help manufacture custom aluminum trailers. And while there won't be a job for everyone ALCOM will have an impact outside of its plant.

"But then the trickle down jobs…they will be buying welding supplies and there are a lot of other things and so the community as a whole is going to benefit," said Ametsbichler. "Not just from those 60 jobs but the payroll that the company is generating."

In the next two years ALCOM hopes to employ 200 people at the Bonner site.

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