Anglers affected by low river levels


MISSOULA, Mont. - Hot and dry weather conditions have sent some Western Montana river levels to unusual lows. Anglers are having a difficult time making the most of their season.

Fish have a harder time actually surviving after a catch-and-release when the river reaches certain temperatures, and FWP have placed put restrictions into effect on the Clark Fork and the Bitterroot River, prohibiting anglers from fishing after 2:00 p.m.

A worker at the Missoulian Angler tells NBC Montana that staff have seen a dip in customers, though they support the FWP for putting the rules into effect.

"Your other option is abusing the resource to the point where it is not there anymore and we don't have any customers at all," said Ron Beck.

Staff have been encouraging customers to fish at less traveled streams and alpine lakes in order to give the larger rivers a break. They've also adjusted the schedules of their guided tours so groups head out earlier in the day.

Folks looking to monitor nearby river flows can visit this site.

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