America's youngest medical marijuana recipient dies in Missoula


America's youngest medical marijuana recipient dies in Missoula 11-15-112

MISSOULA, Mont. - The country's youngest medical marijuana recipient has died in Missoula.

Four-and-a-half year old Cash Michael Hyde attracted fans and friends worldwide through the Cash Hyde Foundation and Facebook.

The boy has been fighting a brain tumor since 2010.

The adorable toddler went through it all, chemotherapy, bone marrow transplants, and cannabis treatments too.

He was a symbol of Montana's troubled medical marijuana law.

His family said marijuana probably not only extended his life, but eased his suffering too.

The cancer came back twice.

When it returned in July, his family decided to keep the boy home, continuing to use cannabis treatments when they could get them, until the end.

"Cashy," as he's called by his large extended family, comes from a house filled with kids.

There are grandparents, and uncles and all kinds of friends in and out.

"Everybody got to say goodbye to him," said Cash's dad, Mike Hyde.

He said Cash had some good last days.

He rode his bike. He went trick or treating.

"He died a rebel," said Hyde, "he died a trend setter of a new way of battling cancer."

Hyde said Montana's repeal of the voter initiative put his family in a tight spot, with no dispensaries and no ability to get doctor's recommendations.

Cash's grandfather said the controversy swirling around medical marijuana was a tremendous stress on the family.

Mike Hyde said getting cannabis for his dying son in his last few months was a trial.

Cash's grandmother said she's numb.

But Julie Hyde said she's glad to know her grandson  won't suffer anymore.

But," she said, "he's going to be missed."

"Last night Cashy passed away in my arms and it was very peaceful," said Mike Hyde, "cancer can't hurt Cashy anymore."

Funeral services are pending.

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