Amanda Curtis to challenge Daines in November


Amanda Curtis to challenge Daines in November

HELENA, Mont. - The Montana Democratic Party chose Amanda Curtis on Saturday to replace U.S. Senator John Walsh to run for Walsh's senate seat on the fall ballot.

Curtis, a first term lawmaker and teacher from Butte, was selected by a group of delegates formed after Walsh withdrew from the race earlier this month.

"We have a big job ahead of us to make sure that Montana sends someone to Washington who represents all Montanan's values," said Amanda Curtis, addressing the delegates.

It was a long morning for Montana Democrats. In a special and historic convention to select a candidate to replace John Walsh in the U.S. Senate race, Rancher Dirk Adams was the first to be nominated, soon followed by State Representative Amanda Curtis.

One by one, delegates lined up to make comments about their favored candidate.

And the candidates had a chance to make their case for the candidacy.

"I'm asking and you've head other ask today, to take a leap of faith with us. Because the national media and the political class has already decided that this race is over. But I've got a secret," said Curtis in an address to the delegates before the vote. "None of those folks get to vote in the state of Montana."

"But the first step you take for sorting it out is simply to tell the truth about what you believe and then you go to work on the problems," said Candidate Dirk Adams to the delegates before the vote.

And it all came down to 128 votes. Curtis winning with 82 votes and Adams with 46.

"There's no better place to be than America, and there's no better state to be than Montana. But America is breaking its promises," said Curtis, in an address to the delegates before the vote.

Curtis will now take over what's left of the Democratic campaign against first term Republican Representative Steve Daines.

"the issues that are important to folks across the spectrum regardless of party, like public lands, and privacy, and public education are the same issues that are important to me and I look forward to listening to them about those issues," said Curtis after the nomination.

John Walsh pulled out of the race last week over claims he plagiarized a research paper.

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