After 3-year dry spell, Victor gets gas station


After a 3 year dry spell, Victor gets a gas station

VICTOR, Mont. - After 3 years without one, Victor finally has a gas station. All that time, the station on Highway 93 was vacant. Now it has reopened with its original owner.

Victor Sinclair is starting fresh and customers are gassing up closer to home.

Troy Clark wiped off the "no" over SERVICE and shined the glass door. Victor Sinclair is open.

"Victor is hungry for gas," said Clark. "All the numbers show there are 100 percent leakage of the fuel market going everywhere else."

That's because there hasn't been a gas station here, he said. Now there will be.

Troy owns the store with his wife Teresa. He worked in the customer service industry for years.

Teresa and her first husband built and ran this gas station/convenience store for 11 years. Teresa sold it after her first husband died. The new owners went out of business, and Teresa got it back. Now, Teresa and Troy are in business.

"We probably won't get rich," said Teresa, "but we're going to make a living."

Old customers knew this store well.

"Then they closed down," said customer Timothy Allred, "and I just kept driving by hoping that they would be open at some point."

Peggy Steffas said losing the gas station wasn't easy.

"It's inconvenient," said Steffas, "and also I do like to support anything in Victor because I love the little town of Victor.

Steven Locastro lives in Victor. He rides a moped, and said having a neighborhood gas station is good news.

"I could gas up anytime I want," said Locastro, "if I run out of gas on my moped I could just come over here."

The Clark's gas station/convenience store is an independent business. But the owners are working with Sinclair Oil and could possibly carry the oil company's brand by spring.

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