Adderall abuse high among college students


Adderall abuse high among college students

MISSOULA, Mont. - College students stay up late writing papers and cramming for exams, but it's not coffee that's keeping them awake anymore. For some, it's the prescription drug Adderall.

A pharmacist told us there's no physical testing for Attention Deficit Disorder, just mental health screenings, which could be the reason Adderall could be so easy to get. Many college students use the drug to help focus for long periods of time.

Pharmacists tell us many students misuse the drug. Students can buy it or get it from friends.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Jon Honksy told us it could be dangerous.

"Short-term side effects could be unpleasant ones -- it could be agitation, increased anxiety, perhaps even depression. Long-term side effects could be actual psychotic state or losing touch with reality or hearing voices," said Honsky.

While Adderall finds its way into college campuses, students should be aware of the potentially life-threatening risks of taking the drug.

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