92 counterfeit $20 bills found inside Missoula motel room


MISSOULA, Mont. - The United States Secret Service is searching for two con-artists who allegedly ran a counterfeiting operation out of a Missoula motel room.

We pulled the documents from federal court, and learned at least 92 printed or partially printed counterfeit $20 bills were found inside a motel room by maids at the Travelers Inn in Missoula last week.

Secret Service agents believe a woman named Alisa Bailey and a man named Sidney Rogers made the fake money and used some of it to pay for their motel stay.

Rodgers has a previous counterfeiting conviction on the east coast, and the couple is wanted in North Carolina for allegedly defrauding a person out of $10,000 dollars by posing as bail bondsmen.

Agents have requested a warrant for the arrest of both people in U.S. District Court.

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