2 suspects sought for stalking young girls


2 suspects sought for stalking young girls

MISSOULA, Mont. - The Missoula County Sheriff's Department wants the public's help stopping two men suspected of harassing young girls in East Missoula.

One woman we spoke with wonders if one of the men followed her this morning.

Officials report the girls are being followed and harassed. Officials are saying the girls have spotted the two men near their bus stop at the Randles and Speedway intersection in East Missoula.

The investigation started Tuesday, after a Rattlesnake Elementary School counselor says a student told her about being followed.  The counselor started asking questions and found the girl wasn't the only one.

"They observed these two guys driving around in separate vehicles, one was described as a purple Durango, possibly with a gray bumper, and then another vehicle that was used with the same guys, was a white or silver passenger car," said Deputy Paige Pavalone, the Public Information Officer at the Missoula County Sheriff's Office.  

Three girls, ages 8 to 11 years old, report they've been hassled by two men in their late teens or 20s.

Officials say the men have been spotted near the bus stop at the intersection of Randles and Speedway. The men are reportedly following the girls and making sexual comments to them. 

Deputies talked to the parents, and neighbors are worried.

"It's ridiculous. I mean, it needs to stop. You know, here in Missoula, there's a lot of creepy people, I'll admit that. For any guy to do that to a girl, it's bull crap. It needs to stop. It's ridiculous," said resident Brady McCrary.

"Little kids live in this neighborhood. Little, little kids. We don't need some stalkers going around. That's creepy," said resident Kerri May.

"It's shocking and disturbing. It's not the right thing to do, by any means," said resident Jeff Kaiden.  

Kerri May works at a nearby convenience store. She didn't know what was happening until she heard a news alert, but what she described to NBC Montana was similar to what deputies are investigating. She thinks she was being stalked.

"Wearing all black, black sweats, black sweater, had his hood up so I couldn't see his face. (He) just started walking behind me and got progressively closer," said May.  

Here's a description of the men:

•The first man has stubbly facial hair and darker skin.  He's usually seen wearing shorts and tennis shoes and possibly purple t-shirts.

•The second man is described as having brown hair with hazel eyes and wears sweatpants.

•They were seen driving in a purple Dodge Durango that may possibly have a gray front bumper.

•They've also been reported in a silver (or possibly white) passenger car.

If you see these men, please call the Missoula County Sheriff's Office or contact Five Valley Crimestoppers to submit an anonymous tip at 721-4444.

The Sheriff's office has put extra patrols out in the East Missoula area.

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