14-year-old recounts rescue of drowning toddler


14-year-old recounts his rescue of drowning toddler

MISSOULA, Mont. - New information tonight as police investigate an emergency call at Splash Montana in Missoula.

The latest news from Missoula police shows the girl is conscious and breathing. 

We are told the girl was revived at the pool after being found unresponsive and not breathing in about three feet of water.

Officers tell us the two-year old has a "good" prognosis and is expected to make a full recovery.

Witnesses credit two Corvallis boys, 14-year-old Broc Perkins and his younger brother Payton, with spotting her and pulling her to safety.

"I went to my mom and I told her and, I couldn't stop shaking," said Perkins. "I was in like a shock. I was hoping and praying that she would be okay..

Authorities are calling it an accident, but are continuing to investigate and request any photos or videos taken in the area at the time.

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